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The purpose of our products is to automatize tasks, giving you technological services that streamline your day to day operations.

Additionally we offer support in your language so the learning curve is as small as possible.

Get to know us and start your Process Automation on the right foot.

Nubarium API

Connect your company’s mobile app or website to our API and access our technology.

RPA, Robotic Process Automation

  • INE/IFE data vs. nominal list
  • Retrieve work records from the IMSS and ISSSTE
  • Consult CEP (Electronic Payment Receipt) for SPEI (Interbank Electronic Payment System) transfers
  • Validate RFC (taxpayer number)
  • Retrieve name or company name with RFC
  • Consult Tax Identification Card information
  • Retrieve invoices with CIEC (confidential electronic identification code)
  • Validate CFDI (digital tax receipt)
  • Validate RFC (taxpayer number) vs Postal Code and Name/Company name
  • Consult SEP (Ministry of Education) Professional License
  • Consult the status of Personal ID (Colombia)

OCR, Electronic or Mechanical conversion of text images.

  • Mexican Passport
  • Receipts:
  • CFE, Telmex, Telcel, Izzi, Sky, Totalplay, Megacable
  • Personal ID (Colombia)

Biometry, Facial Recognition System.

  • Facial comparison (1-1)
  • Facial database (1-N)

Connection to Institutions

  • Face and data comparison with INE Database
  • Validate or Retrieve CURP (RENAPO)


  • Consult PEPs and blacklists
  • Submission and validation of OTP

Nubarium SDK

Streamline your onboarding process with our SDK, validate photographs, identifications, videos and video calls in an automated way.

Face Capture Proof of life o Liveness

Validate that the registering user sent a correct proof. Our component will verify that a previous photograph is not being used by automatically taking a picture with the device they are using.

ID Capture ID Automatic Scan

If you require the validation of a photograph ID, this feature will allow you to verify that it’s actually the original document and not a copy or other invalid photograph.

Video Selfie Video Recording

During an automatic video recording, the feature will automatically ask the user for certain requirements to validate their identity, like showing both sides of their credential or to perform certain action to take a photograph.
This validation is necessary to meet some regulations of the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV).

Nubarium API+

Email Risk Score

Make better decisions obtaining a score for the registered email in your validation or onboarding process.
Compare it against an intelligent database of millions of emails rated by the most important companies in Mexico and the world.

Phone Risk Score

Incorporate a Phone score in your client onboarding or validation process that will enable you to make better decisions.
Everything is based on the behaviour of the registered number and the feedback of other companies regarding it.

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